Quilts. Boutis. Bedspreads. Large cushions. Handmade.

My passion for...

French fabrics' patterns and its colourfulness combined with many years working as interior designer lay the foundation for creating my own lovely collection of quilts/Boutis and large cushions. Each product is unique, custom-made and a true piece of genuine craftmanship inspired by tradionally manufactured French Boutis whose colourfulness and versatility I have always been fascinated by. An extraordinally gift for your friend, family and you!

My choice of French fabrics is primarily based on colouring and patterns, whereby it is the “colours of summer” I like the most as their colours appear pleasantly cool and slightly tarnished in the summertime’s loud light. Thus, the range of colours comprises a rather cool blend of white tones with a relatively high proportion of blue. I hereby present you my “Worlds of Colours” - a compilation of my latest collections, the matching colours applied accompanied with personal impressions right from the inspiring country of France. Have fun exploring!

Tagesdecke gequiltet
Quilt Boutis "Floricia"

The perfect match for my quilt “Floricia”: A wonderful ambience catching summer’s gorgeous light and variety of colours warming your soul!


tagesdecke gequiltet
Quilt Boutis "Royal"

Is there anything more pretty than old French mansions? Containing elegant royal colours the quilt “Royal” would complement the scenery excellently.


Tagesdecke gequiltet
Quilt Boutis "Jardin"

What is the shortest way to the yard? Quilt “Jardin” awaits you there making you enjoying the sun in your time off.


Tagesdecke gequiltet
Quilt Boutis "Verde"

In the shade, a spot underneath blooming planes being spoiled with delicious cheese, baguette and red wine.

As dusk approaches and temperature slowly drops quilt “Verde” shelters you and your beloved ones!


Sitzkissen Bodenkissen 90x90 cm
Large cushions floor pillows

After the feast, make yourself comfortable on “Fleuri” and “Bleu”, large cushions to sit, lay or lounge any way you want.


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